Sympathetic Nerve Block

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Sympathetic Nerve Block

Sympathetic nerves are a network of nerves that are connected to our spine and control some crucial involuntary functions of our body. This nerve network also carries pain messages to our brain. Hence, the sympathetic nerves are blocked to relieve your body from pain.

More so, a sympathetic nerve block is performed to identify if a certain chain of a sympathetic nerve is responsible for the pain. So, it is diagnostic, identifying the source of pain; and also therapeutic, providing pain relief which can last for several weeks to months.

The treatment involves using a needle to insert an anesthetic medication into your back next to the vertebral body. The whole process takes a approximately 30 minutes, and you recover almost immediately.

For more information, consult Dr. Stanley O Ikezi, an experienced Double Board Certified Pain Management Specialist in New York City.

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