Facet Joint Syndrome

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Facet Joint Syndrome

Facet Joint Syndrome is an arthritis-like condition. The facet joints are joints that help stabilize the spine. As we get older, any degenerative change in your spine causes body weight to shift unevenly to your facet joints. This extra weight has its wear and tear on the joints over time. It either thins or breaks down and causes you a lot of pain.

The worst part about Facet joint degeneration is that it is painless until an event trigger. You would feel diffuse pain in your neck or lower back, just above the spine and slowly spread across the body. The pain is typically described as a dull ache. There are various treatments for Facet Joint Syndrome, such as nerve block, physical therapy, facet injections, etc.

For more information, consult Dr. Stanley O Ikezi, an experienced Double Board Certified Pain Management Specialist in New York City.

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