Compression Fractures of the Spine

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Compression Fractures of the Spine

There is an old saying that old age and back pain goes hand in hand. This is why the elderly don’t pay much attention to their back pain. However, you could also be suffering from tiny cracks in your vertebra. These are small hairline fractures in the spine, and overtime, they add up and can cause your vertebrae to collapse. This is called a spinal compression fracture.

Overtime, there is a visible change to your body. Your spine isn’t straight, you have a wedge-shaped vertebra, and your height is reduced. Moreover, the bones become very weak, and even a small injury will cause you a lot of pain and will take an eternity to heal.

For more information, consult Dr. Stanley O Ikezi, an experienced Double Board Certified Pain Management Specialist in New York City.

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