The Perfect Guide to Cure your Sciatica Pain

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Sciatica Pain

With the fast moving world, today’s lifestyle and advanced technology has reduced human level up to such extent that it has started causing prolonged health issues. Sitting in the office in front of a computer for long hours, hectic work schedule, and improper diet, all lead to many acute and chronic disease state.


Due to improper and hectic work schedule, our body posture is the first thing to get affected. Every now and then a patient reports low back pain, headache, shoulder pain, leg pain, etc. Today we are here to talk about and guide you on a type of pain called Sciatica.


What is Sciatica?

Some of you may have heard about this and some may not. Sciatica is basically defined as a condition in which pain occurs in the buttocks, lower back and sometimes even your legs. Talking in medical terms, when the sciatic nerve i.e., large nerve extending from your lower back down to the back of each leg is affected, it induces pain. It can cause tingling, numbness or even weakness in your legs and back. This pain can be unbearable sometimes. A sciatica specialist can guide you more about its symptoms and cure.


Experiencing a shooting pain in your back that reaches down your legs? Well it can be sciatica. But don’t worry, it is treatable without surgery. All you need is the guidance of Sciatica Specialist NYC.

Like all other pains, sciatica also has some major symptoms through which it can be easily detected at an early stage.

Our Sciatica Specialist NYC has listed out the most common symptoms for our patients, so they can get themselves treated timely.


Common symptoms of sciatica:

  1. A feeling of sharp pain when you are standing or walking.
  2. Burning sensation or tingling in one or both legs.
  3. Experiencing extreme pain in either of the one buttock while sitting.
  4. Sudden numbness or weakness in your legs or feet.


Is there any cure or treatment?

Above mentioned are some of the common symptoms seen in all patients with sciatica. Now since you are aware of the symptoms, it is also necessary to know the cure. There are a few and easy ways to get rid of this problem. Our team and sciatica specialist NYC has given few methods to avoid this problem:

  1. Anti-inflammatories– medicines like ibuprofen, aspirin or naproxen will reduce inflammation.
  2. Selfcare– self care is most important of all medications. If your sciatica pain is due to herniated disc it may automatically go away in few days. Limit all strenuous activities, use heat/ice therapy and you will be fine.
  3. Muscle relaxants– cyclobenzaprine helps in alleviating spasms from nerve irritation in the low back.
  4. Epidural/Pain Injections – various injections/procedures can be performed by Sciatica Specialist NYC that will target medication along the nerve to reduce pain.

Now these were some of the methods to control and cure your sciatica pain recommended by our Sciatica Specialist NYC. For more information contact our sciatica specialist today.

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